Case Study 15-18DS (Private Healthcare)

15-18DS Main 1This project demanded a visually appealing feature lift suitable for the evacuation of stretcher bound patients in the case of building emergency.

A 21 Person / 1,600 kg gearless VVVF solution was selected where the lift car, entrances and the lift well are glazed.   The lift is compliant to HTM 08.02 and HTM 05.03e and is sited in an enclosed light-well between front and rear sections of the building.

The lift serves two levels and is truly open-through at both.   At the upper level the entrances are joined to the building by link bridges.

To overcome narrow approach routes an optical recognition system is used to automatically place landing calls as people approach the lift.

15-18DS Small 115-18DS Small 4 15-18DS Small 3 15-18DS Small 2